Hello good people,

Just checking in to let you know that I have had life throw me a major curve ball, which is why I haven’t written much new stuff in a little while.  Also, I was being tailed by the Man for a while, for a post I wrote.  The good people at WordPress helped me out of that one.  So, thanks to them.  But, it left me a bit spooked, a bit gunshy.  I’m over it.

Right now, it’s very late.  But, just so’s you know, we will return to our regularly scheduled program of pop music and jazz starting tomorrow.

In the meantime, listen to Elvis Costello’s “Living in Paradise” to keep you company. This was an early cut of the song, which later appeared with new lyrics on Costello’s This Year’s Model album in 1978.  I like this version better.


2 thoughts on “Gone for a while, but now I’m back

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