Listen to this storming bit of post-punk from Montreal’s The Handsome Furs.  It’s their song “I’m confused” as taken from their upcoming Face Control album, released next month.

You can hear the Joy Divison in this a little bit, in the best way, particularly the earlier incarnation of that band, when the abrasiveness of punk rock was still a major textural element.  I love the roaring guitar against the synth lines, and the yelping vocals which harken back to a certain period in pop history, yet also sounds fresh.

It’s a generalization, but music out of Montreal always sounds more European than music made in any other region of the country.  And now, the scene there is getting international attention as well, with Broken Social Scene, Stars, and the Dears having paved the way.

This is a new track for me, and it’s been delivered by CBC Radio 3, who seem to really understand the power of non-targeted programming and social media in modern radio.  There is life beyond Clear Channel, at least up here in Canada, good people.  This is our tax dollars put to work, in the best sense.

This is the first in a series, in which I will attempt to feature at least one cool band from Canada every week, so that you non-Canucks out there can hear the music, buy the music, and get that we’re one of the most talented nations on earth for vital rock and pop music.

Enjoy, eh!

What are your thoughts, Good People? Tell it to me straight.

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