Here’s a clip of Swedish classic rock proponents The Hellacopters with their song “I’m in the Band”, as taken from their album.

This band may have heard a few Rolling Stones and Iggy Pop albums in their time.  Luckily, they took of best of those away with them and have delivered it to us in this little tune about rock ‘n’roll fantasy.

Rock music is a many-faceted beast.  On the one hand a lot of rock music is very “grown up”.  It’s about sex.  It’s about worldliness.  Sometimes, it’s about a rather bleak outlook that it is more important to burn out than fade away.  But, equally I think rock music is about the joy of living, and that childhood rush that one gets when imagining what it must be like to play a very loud guitar, set of drums, or to yell into a microphone for a screaming throng of fans, setting aside the real responsibilities that life demands for a time.  It appeals to the innocent in us, as well as the experienced.  It registers with that part of us which sees the moment, and grasps it.

This tune by The Hellacopters is a pure ode to the power of rock ‘n’ roll, the power to transport someone away from the blandness, or grimness of their world, and deliver them to another place.  The sentiments found here have been a part of rock ‘n’ roll since the term was coined, aimed initially at a young audience, but eventually, and ultimately appealing to everyone.

Chuck Berry’s world of cars, makin’ out, and no school hasn’t really changed very much as a fantasy.   And even the most stoic among us thinks about a world with no responsibilities and instant payoffs, from time to time.

It’s not hard for anyone to understand.

For more information about The Hellacopters, check out The Hellacopters MySpace page.


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