One year ago today, I started writing the Delete Bin, Mark II, the very blog you’re reading now.  There was a Delete Bin Mark 1 at one time on Blogger, which I’d started in 2003.  You can see some of those posts here, because I cunningly imported them.  But, this blog is officially one year old today.  Happy Birthday to me/it!

Now, being a huge Beatles fan that I am, I bet you’re expecting me to attach a clip of the Fabs’ “Birthday” as featured on the White Album.  Well, assume nothing, gentle reader.  Here’s Altered Images instead, from 1981. The song?  “Happy Birthday”:

So, thanks to everyone who’s read, and has joined in the conversation over this past year.  In going forward, I’d love to hear your feedback.  Is there something you’d like to see more of around here?  Got any story ideas?  Let me know!

Thanks again everyone!




The Delete Bin

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, The Delete Bin!

  1. Cheers Tom!

    I’m thinking about getting a hosting package, which will make Delete Bin, Mark 3 I guess. I’m a bit worried about how that will affect links and page rank, blah blah blah. So, my middle step might be a doozy too.

    Nice to hear from you, as always!

    1. Cheers Monica! I’m looking forward to another year of musical geekery, and hopefully of turning on the casual music fan to some new (and old) stuff they’ve never heard of. The blog is the new mix tape!

  2. I meant to wish this fantastic award winning blog a happy birthday last week but wasn’t able to. So happy belated birthday! I don’t know how you do it Rob. I did that advent calendar at WonderCafe every day for a month and it just about killed me. I don’t know where you find the energy to post so much comes from! But may it not ebb anytime soon!

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