Hi All!

Rob Jones, editor-in-chief of the Delete Bin here.  It seems that this blog is a nominee in  the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards in the best cultural/entertainment blog category.  We’re very excited here at our prestigious offices here in beautiful British Columbia.  And when I say prestigious offices, I of course mean my kitchen.

If you’ve found this blog to be insightful, interesting, funny, what have you, please vote for the Delete Bin here.  If you haven’t found this blog to be any of those things, then please vote for us anyway.  It’s not for me, it’s for the hardworking staff here at the Delete Bin.  They’ve earned it.  And when I mean hardworking staff, I of course mean myself.

The prize is universal admiration among my peers (well, the hope for universal admiration…), which is a pretty valuable thing considering the breadth of talent involved.   I’d encourage you to check out the other nominees too in all of the categories. There are some talented people writing blogs in this country, and on a number of different topics which have the potential to turn your crank whether you’re Canadian or not.

Happy blog surfing, eh!



5 thoughts on “The Delete Bin Nominated for 2008 Canadian Blog Awards – Please Vote!

  1. Thanks for the vote, Tom. It’s been a pleasure reading your comments since I started this thing (almost a year ago!). I hope you’re good for another year. 🙂

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