Here’s a clip of Austin Texas indie heroes Spoon, with a suitably and wonderfully ragged performance of their deep-cut track “My Little Japanese Cigarette Case” from 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

I spun this disc a couple of days ago, and was again struck by its to-the-bone simplicity, and the fact that these guys are sticking to their guns in terms of approach. Specifically, they’re not afraid of space in the arrangements. These songs are aggressively simple in presentation. As such, this is rock music that breathes, letting the visceral nature of the songs take hold without being upstaged by fussy arrangements. There’s a unique bravery in this which only a supremely talented group of individuals can really pull off. And Spoon are, and do.


This song is one of the most threadbare of all of the songs on the record (excepting “The Ghost of You Lingers”, of course…), although not without it’s eccentricities through the use of a Japanese koto mixed in with choppy guitars and crisp backbeat. It’s a rare thing to find music that is confrontational and pop-oriented at the same time, hitting it where it counts, and getting out before it wears out its welcome. All other rock n’ roll bands take note: deliver the good like this, or shut up, this music seems to say.

Yes sirs!

Check out more music at the Spoon MySpace page if you think that guitar music is dead.

And check out the official Spoon website too, folks!



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