Here’s a clip featuring Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 performing the lead track off of their 2006 album Olé Tarantula.

Olé Tarantula was one of my favourite releases that year, a real ray of sunshine with a lot of lyrical loopiness which I expect and celebrate in Hitchcock’s work, plus all of the Byrds/’67 Beatles/’66-’76 Dylan references that I’ve come to love.

Robyn Hitchcock and Peter Buck of the Venus 3
Robyn Hitchcock and Peter Buck of the Venus 3

Recently, news of a second installment in the repackaging program from Yep Roc has come down the pipe. The first of course was I Wanna Go Backwards, which was a re-release of three of his albums plus extras in one 5 CD box. Those albums are Black Snake Diamond Role, I Often Dream of Trains, and Eye, all of which received individual re-packaging releases too if you want to cherry-pick. Read more about the details of the I Wanna Go Backwards box from Yep Roc on their site.

The second box is the upcoming Luminous Groove (including 1985’s Fegmania, ‘86’s Element of Light, and the long-awaited re-issue of the live Got to Get This Hen Out. The release for that box and the individual album re-issues at press time is August 19, 2008. Read more about it here.

Boy, it’s beginning to sound like I’m on Yep Roc’s payroll – Nick Lowe, Billy Bragg, Hitchcock, Sloan, Ron Sexsmith, Yep Roc artists all – have been heavily featured here on the ‘Bin. But, it’s pure enthusiasm, Good People. They happen to be favourite artists of mine, so I’m just spreading the word. I actually like a lot of artists on their current roster. But, I’m not making a dime writing about them here, folks.

Still, Yep Roc – to quote the old song – can you spare a dime (or a couple of free records at least)?

I kid.


Enjoy the clip!!

What are your thoughts, Good People? Tell it to me straight.

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