Here’s a clip of bubblegum psych-pop outfit Apples in Stereo with “Energy”, off of their new album New Magnetic Wonder.

The Apples in Stereo The band carry the torch for sunshiny Californian pop, with 60s garage-rock overtones. My introduction to the band was their 2000 album Discovery of the World Inside the Moone, which plays to my tastes for fun guitar-pop influenced by 60s British Invasion/Beach Boys with a bit of lyrical weirdness thrown in for good measure. This new song is a continuation of these same 60s pop roots, with a bit of 70s George Harrison-styled slide guitar thrown in too.

There’s something very childlike about the group’s approach to songwriting, particularly on this track which captures the essence of the impetuous restlessness of youth. It sounds like the band put out this record because it was a fun thing to do, more so than to become rock stars (they’ve got the wrong look for that anyway…) or serious artistes. Maybe a lot of groups do things this way. But, with the Apples, the enthusiasm seems to be the glue which holds it all together more so than many others. This is not to say that the band is a slapdash bunch of amateurs – they’ve matched their enthusiasm with craft.

The band is associated with the Elephant 6 collective, along with Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, and Neutral Milk Hotel, releasing their full-length debut Fun Trick Noisemaker on that label in 1995 . They recently put out this newest album on actor Elijah Wood’s label Simian records, which is associated with Yep Roc, current home to likeminded songwriter Robyn Hitchcock.

For more, you’d best check out the Apples in Stereo MySpace page.

And perhaps a read of an interview with Robert Schneider who is the frontman and writer for the Apples in Stereo wouldn’t go amiss either.


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