Here’s a cute clip someone did of an animated Sims 2 band ‘performing’ the New Pornographers’ title track to their 2000 album Mass Romantic.

The song itself just beams with melodic sunshine, and it doesn’t hurt that the incomparable Neko Case is singing lead – she’s got a soaring voice which can apparently adapt to pretty much any genre. As a solo act she’s associated with alt-country. This time with the New Pornographers, she adds her pipes to a sort 60s power pop approach with a hint of ’67 Beatles, which is the general flavor of the album. The song is bursting at the seams with positive energy. It’s one of those tunes you want to hear again and again, while wanting to jump on the couch Tom Cruise style while it’s playing.

The New PornographersThe band is actually sort of a musical collective, with members that also have solo careers, and who base their activities as a group right here in Greater Vancouver. Somewhere along the line, they have managed to get international attention and admiration from fans and fellow musicians all over the world. I’m proud of this band. I love that a local group has made such great music that’s appreciated internationally. That’s a very Canadian trait, for all of you non-Canadian readers; if one of us does well, than we all do. Yes, Neko Case is an American. But, she’s spent a lot of time here making a music career and studying at Emily Carr , so she counts as a Canadian, OK? They put out their fourth album, Challengers in 2007.

To hear more from The New Pornographers, check out these fine websites:


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