Here’s a clip of severely underrated Manchester melody merchants I Am Kloot with their song “Proof” as taken from their superlative album I Am Kloot from 2003. And who is that guy staring at you in the video? Why it’s noted British actor Christopher Eccelston!

I Am KlootI Am Kloot have always struck me as the band Oasis could have been if they’d showed some restraint. Maybe it’s not restraint which moves a band beyond cult status and into international superstardom. Still, the fact is when it comes to great tunes, these guys have everything Noel Gallagher has, with a dash of the Lightning Seeds’  Ian Broudie’s knack for a pop hook thrown in. Of course to Gallagher’s credit, he’s a fan too. This song, and indeed the whole album, is practically a monument to the levels of quality coming out of the Northwest of England in the 90s and early 2000s.

For further listening, also check out the band’s debut Natural History, which contains my favourite song of theirs, the wonderful “No Fear of Falling”, which should have been a smash, were it not released in an era that left ballads behind in favour of stadium anthems, with subtlety not exactly at the top of the average fans’ priorities list . This is not to say I Am Kloot are without range of course. With these guys, you still get the balls out delivery of Oasis, the Dylanesque overtones of the Charlatans, and the ambitous arrangements of the Verve all in one. Come to think of it – why aren’t these guys famous?

For further information on I Am Kloot, as well as more music from them, check out the I Am Kloot MySpace page. Their new album Moolah Rouge can be purchased here.


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