Here’s a video favourite from Canada-only one hit wonders (well, two if you count “Melody”) Boy’s Brigade with their tune “The Passion of Love”.

Boys BrigadeI always loved this track which came out in 1983, very much of its time I suppose, taking from the band’s self-titled album, produced by none other than Rush’s Geddy Lee. Lead singer Malcolm Burn’s Lou Reed-esque delivery against the buoyant synths and guitar lines drive this one along for me – I love the contrast. Say what you will about the 80s, but I think interesting juxtapositions of voices, melody, and lyrics too, is what groups did better then than they do now.

And the video! I remember being mostly bemused by it, but the song redeemed it for me – a great pop/rock tune, influenced by power pop and British post-punk. It’s too bad that the band folded soon after their debut, although their brand of New wave-influenced pop would have a limited shelf-life by even the next year.

Malcolm Burn would go on to be an influential producer for other artists including Iggy Pop, Emmylou Harris, Midnight Oil, Blue Rodeo, and Lisa Germano, among many others.



3 thoughts on “80s Can-Con – Boys Brigade “The Passion of Love”

  1. Hello Rob:

    I have finally joined the new millenium and got an mp3 player. I would love to find a copy of The Passion Of Love by Boys Brigade. Frankly, it’s one of my top 10 favourite songs. I had the album, but left it behind in a cross country move. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy music,


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for reading. An MP3 of “The Passion of Love” seems to be an elusive thing alright. There were plenty of great pop songs lost in the mists of time, just because they were hits here in Canada and nowhere else. For a download, try here.

      Thanks for comments and for reading.

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