The Donnas Gold MedalHere’s a clip of the Donnas performing the opening track of their 2004 album Gold Medal.

The rock n’ roll that grabs you most is often the basic, throw-it-up-against-the-wall variety, often fueled by a palpable sexual drive. This is one tune which demonstrates this – and it doesn’t hurt that the band is comprised of four charismatic women in their twenties, usually the objects of lust in this kind of idiom, now doing some lusting (and some serious rocking out) themselves. These women are hot!

The group started off as Ramones disciples, and their early albums were very much in that vein. Even the name of each band member follows the Ramones model – they’ve all got ‘Donna’ stage names. They started the group in Palo Alto, California while still in junior high-school, loving the Ramones, being inspired by them, and starting a group because there was no reason not to.

But at some point, they must have discovered AC/DC. Note Donna R’s (Alison Robertson’s) Angus Young model Gibson SG. And note too the meat-and-potatoes delivery. This band for me flies in the face of what women in pop music are meant to be – demure pop starlets, or contrived sex kittens mugging for the camera. This girls are clearly on a different trajectory altogether. They’re not the first to do it, of course. But, they are the hope that continues to be necessary – examples of the fact that women can be musicians with big balls, kicking ass and taking names.

Their more heavy metal-oriented direction continues on their latest album, Bitchin’.

Check out the Donnas’ MySpace page and find out more.


4 thoughts on “The Donnas ‘Friends Like Mine’

  1. Can I just say that I once had the great opportunity to have lunch with the Donnas when I snuck backstage at a festival a few years back. They couldn’t’ve been more charming and down-to-earth, and they made the fact that at least three of them were smokin’ hot really easy to deal with (I was worried I was gonna go all weak-kneed on them…) They’re just good fun live, not exactly the kinda stuff I put on the stereo very often, but I love their whole Josey-and-the-Pussycats-with-big-fuckoff-guitars schtick. Simply, they just enjoy what they do!

    Btw, your blog’s great. Here’s to your blog!

  2. Hey Matthew,

    Thanks for reading and for comments. Feel free to keep coming back!

    I discovered the Donnas through Gold Medal after reading some great reviews. And it is a very solid album with not a clunker on it. It must have been fun speaking with them that day, since I really get the impression that they’re rock fans, more so than rock stars. I’m not against rock stars per se – I think it’s a lot more interesting to have them around than not. But I imagine they’re not quite as much fun to have lunch with, and talk music with.

    Thanks again for your comments and your compliment too.


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