The Black Crowes Live at the Greek with Jimmy PageHere’s a clip of the Led Zeppelin staple “Ten Years Gone”, originally from 1975’s Physical Graffiti, performed by second generation disciples, and pros in their own right, The Black Crowes. Take a look, have a listen.

To me, this is a gutsy move, covering Zeppelin. Thankfully, the Crowes’ frontman Chris Robinson doesn’t try and sound like Robert Plant – he knows that he doesn’t need to, which may be why they had the gumption to do almost a whole show of Zep songs, with Page sitting in. And Page lays down some authentic riffage which proves that this song is timeless anyway.

The performance here is taken from a show at L.A ‘s the Greek Theatre in 1999. Thankfully, someone had the foresight to record the event, which resulted in the Live at the Greek album, featuring Jimmy Page on a Zep-centric set, including tunes like ‘Celebration Day’, “In My Time of Dying”, “The Lemon Song”, “Whole Lotta Love”, and many others. Also featured are Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well” and the Yardbirds’ “Shapes of Things”. Given that the Crowes were given life in part thanks to British blues-rock, this concert was something more than an event. It comes off as a tribute, in the best sense of that word, which usually has bad connotations in the rock world.



4 thoughts on “Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin Performed by The Black Crowes with Jimmy Page

  1. Normally, I am vehemently opposed to Led Zeppelin covers. But the Black Crowes have both the musical talent to pull it off with class and the self-awareness to know which songs they can pull off.

    In my opinion, the songs that stand out are: Hey Hey What Can I Do, What is and What Should Never Be and In My Time of Dying.

  2. Hey WIGSF,

    I think the thing which most cover bands miss when approaching the Zeppelin song is that for all of their grandiosity, Zeppelin traded equally on subtlety. Even on this song, it’s easy to just blunder right in there while missing the subtext of the lyrics (about Plant remembering a pre-fame love affair with a hint of regret) , and the delicacy of the opening guitar lines which are vital to the song’s momentum.

    Thanks for insightful comments, as usual.

  3. um…
    I hate to admit this but I recently “found” a version of whole lotta love that I’d never heard. I should qualify this by admitting that I acquired the track without having paid for it, and I rarely do that sort of thing.
    Anyway, what a fantastic rendition. Robinson does a great job on vocals. It’s such a difficult song to sing and he nails it. I mean, even Robert PLant couldn’t really replicate his original recording in later live performance. (That voice! dude was like 19 or something when they recorded that.)
    Anyway, I got a real kick out of this version. The info on the track says that it’s the Black crowes and Led Zeppelin, but I’m curious about the specifics. I wonder if it’s indeed this live performance you mention here.
    I don’t know. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Stef, and welcome!

      My guess is that it’s this show you heard. As far as I know, it was a bit of a one-off.

      Thanks for comments!

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