Neil Aspinall, a friend and associate to the Beatles from the outset of their career, has died. He was 66.

Aspinall contributed to the Beatles success from the start, acting as road manager and early promoter of their gigs. After the death of manager Brian Epstein, he took the reins of the group’s first major business venture, Apple Corps, which he maintained even after the group officially dissolved their partnership in 1974.

Through Aspinall’s efforts, the group continued to enjoy financial succcess through royalties and other licencing revenue streams. Among many projects during his time heading up Apple Corps, he oversaw the issuing of the 1994 Live at the BBC compilation which documented the bands’ early days on British radio, as well as the sumptuous “Anthology” project, which was a major television event in 1994 as well as an exhaustive and generously laid out coffee table book. He resigned from Apple Corps in 2007.

Before his retirement, Aspinall was instrumental in maintaining quality control over the Beatles legacy. Thanks, Neil.


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