Ash Free All AngelsJust for St. Patrick’s day, here’s a clip of Irish Indie-rock outfit Ash doing their tune ‘Shining Light’ from their 2001 album Free All Angels.

This tune was a favourite of mine at the time, kind of like a modern gospel-cum-love song, with lots of religious imagery over a ferocious guitar-bass-drums back-up. Indie music is often associated with the miserablist emo genre, with a lot of depressing lyrics about what a drag life can be. But, this tune is pure joy – a shining light, if you will.

Ash are a preponent of a particular model of rock and roll – the band put together for kicks turned professional.

Another great tune from the same album is the single ‘Burn Baby Burn’ which is along the same lines as as ‘Shining Light’ in that the ferocity of the music is offset by how fun it is, how joyful.


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