This is one of my favourite moments in rock-u-mentary history; the re-staging of the Tap’s classic prog-rock masterpiece, ‘Stonehenge’ during their 1982 American tour.

Take a look!

Spinal Tap Nigel Tufnel Spinal Tap David St. HubbinsSpinal Tap Derek Smalls

Images courtesy of Liquid Lucidity

Note the prog-rock/Led Zeppelin references which are clear targets here (especially when the mandolin comes out). When I first saw this scene, I nearly died laughing. And the dancing dwarves – you can just imagine the thinking: “maybe if we got short dancers, the set would look bigger…” That’s the genius of the film from which this clip comes, the parody rock movie This is Spinal Tap.

Because the film is about these characters more so then it is about things that happen to them, and focuses so heavily on their personalities and points of view, a lot of the gags in it are what you can imagine they might have been thinking to bring about the events you see on screen. So, the reason it’s a funny movie is not because funny things are said and done (although they are), it’s because of who is saying and doing those things.

What the clip doesn’t show you is bassist Derek Smalls’ (as played by Harry Shearer) ‘practical question”: “are we going to do Stonehenge tomorrow night?”

2 thoughts on “Spinal Tap – Stonehenge

  1. Yes, they are very memorable. Even when you get past the deliberately absurd lyrics, the music underneath holds up to anything in that genre – I love “Rock n’ Roll Creation” and “Tonight I’m Going to Rock You Tonight”, that last one actually featured on the X-Box version of “Guitar Hero 3” of all things.

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