On the radio(!) the other day, I had the pleasure of hearing the new B52s single ‘Funplex’, which is a little less 60s b-movie and a bit tougher, more power-pop with gritty guitars from Keith Strickland . It’s still got trademark kitsch value of course, very camp, and just a fun record all around. There’s not enough fun pop these days. We need the B52s, people!

The B52s

I was reminded that Kate Pierson is one of my favourite pop singers, in the musicianly sense – as in singer of pop songs. There’s just something about her voice that makes me happy, like listening to a child laughing. It mystifies me that she hasn’t cut a solo record – at least not that I know of. Her voice blends supernaturally with Cindy Wilson’s voice – these two were born to make throwaway pop records together. And Fred Schneider is still a singular presence, as always. His voice carves out the band’s identity in many ways, in that as long as they have him, they can do pretty much anything stylistically and it would still be the B52s.

I’ve just got to see these guys live, so I really, really hope they tour Canada!

Take a look at this clip to hear the new song from the band’s MySpace site!

Update: An interview with Cindy Wilson from my friends at Pitchfork. Note the BC tour date!

2 thoughts on “Hear the new B52s single ‘Funplex’

  1. Hello Rob,

    Nice to hear you like the B’s latest hitsingle “funplex”.
    The first time i got in touch with their music was back in ’79 when hearing “dirty back road” on one of our local radistations. I fell in love..and still do. You’re fully right: Kate and Cindy have these excellent voices and to be honest there are not many female singers who can knock me down in a minute. I’m really looking forward to see them live on stage on Belgian’s cactusfestival (www.cactusfestival.be) on July the 11th. You will be attenting their show in Vancouver as well ?
    Just let me know how fun the party was.
    Are there interesting bands in Canada nowadays.
    One of my alltime favourites is Martha and the Muffins and still after so many years their music sounds great. Would love to see their live gig, but that’s not possible any more i believe

    With love from Belgium

  2. Hi Rudy,

    I wasn’t able to make the B52s show. They are coming back this summer sometime, touring with Cyndi Lauper and Joan Armatrading – kind of a mish-mash, but an interesting line-up.

    Martha and the Muffins transformed themselves into M+M in the mid-80s and had some radio hits in Canada (“Dansparc”, “Cooling the Medium” and “Black Stations White Stations”, which were very rooted in the Talking Heads school of pop songwriting).

    As for interesting Canadian bands, we’re getting known for some pretty serious art-rock bands around here, especially out of Montreal; Arcade Fire and Stars are making a big splash Internationally. Broken Social Scene and Feist are making waves out of Toronto. And everyone’s talking up Black Mountain, who are based here in Vancouver.

    Thanks for reading and for comments!

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