You’ve gotta hear this if you haven’t already. Once again, the good folks at MOJO magazine have found a lost treasure – a mysterious Rice Krispies ad as sung by the Dartford Five.

Have a listen!

Maybe by now you’ve heard this a million times. Hey, I don’t claim to be cutting edge!

The ad was recorded in 1964. If anyone knows more than that, I’d love to hear about it. Doesn’t it sound a bit like ‘Star Star’ from Goats Head Soup? What’s a Chuck Berry riff or two between brand names, eh? Maybe some think that the band sold out. But I like to think that they were merely saying thanks to breakfast cereal that probably sustained them for every meal while they lived in pre-fame squalor in their shared Edith Grove flat.


3 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones Sing A 60s Rice Krispies Jingle

  1. Way!

    According to the user comments on the clip, the track was co-written by Brian Jones with an ad agency based in the UK. The ad was only shown there. If this is true, it means that you’ve just heard the only Brian Jones writing credit under the Rolling Stones name (Nanker Phelge doesn’t count…)

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