One of my favourite movies of all-time is Ridley Scott’s 1982 dystopian sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner, based on Phillp K. Dick‘s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Apart from its revolutionary art direction and skillful melding of the film noir and science fiction traditions into something entirely seemless and original, Vangelis’ score is also revolutionary, and essential to the film. To me, this is the mark of a great soundtrack, that the sounds in the film help to make the world depicted in it that much more believable.

Here’s a clip, which gives you a taste of this must-see film, along with a sampling of Vangelis‘ sumptuous score.

P.S – Deckard is not a replicant. I don’t care what the director says!

To view the clip, hover over the image and click the ‘play’ icon. To enlarge the viewing window, click the maginifying glass icon in the top right corner. Alternatively, click on the image to view the clip in a new browser window. Enjoy!

Blade Runner

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