Amy WinehouseThis article from the Village Voice speaks to a big concern of mine having to do with Amy Winehouse. Well, two big concerns, actually. The first is that with all of the soap-operaesque press she’s received over the past few months, is her music likely to play second-fiddle to all of the drama surrounding her personal problems. And the second is, will Amy be an Etta James, or a Janis Joplin?

I personally think that she is one of the most interesting, talented vocalists working today. But, she’s a drug addict and alcoholic too, and the chance of her being swallowed by her own demons looks pretty likely. But, people in her position have made it through before.

There’s been plenty of voyeurism surrounding this extremely talented singer, and motives for writing about her vary, I suppose. Some of these motives are about the cash to be made in circulation, in that a public train wreck always sells papers. For me, I just want to keep hearing new music from her. And something inside me wants her to be OK, which right now she’s clearly not with drug problems and a husband in jail. I think this concern is where the attached article comes from too.

Read the article and make up your own mind on this. And tell me what you think, people.

Image credit: Pazz & Jop

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