Hey people! I discovered a great interview with Stephin Merritt, who recently brought out a new disc – Distortion – under the name of his group Magnetic Fields. The interview also talks about some of his other projects, including a musical version of Neil Gaiman’s children’s story Coraline.

Read the interview here. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Interview with Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’m a relative newcomer to The Magnetic Fields, having picked up all six of my MF albums in the last couple years via eMusic.

    People who don’t listen to lyrics (sadly, I think that’s most people), really miss out when Merritt is the author.

    Didn’t know they had a new album out. Having just sampled some tracks it sounds like another good one. I’m downloading it now. 🙂

  2. Hey Tom,

    Yeah, I think lyricists are appreciated less these days, particularly the ones who aspire to the heights that Merritt does – Cole Porter, and his contemporaries. I think Merritt does that position proud.

    I’m still scratching my head over Distortion. I haven’t got it yet – just heard a few snippets here and there. Tell me what you think when you’ve gone through it, when you get a chance. I’d love to get your impressions.

    My favourite Magnetic Fields album is I, for numerous reasons among them being that it contains my favourite MF song “It’s Only Time”. I’ll be writing more about that pretty soon, seeing as Valentine’s Day is coming up and all.

  3. Well, I look forward to your review of “I” because I do not have it. I got Holiday, Distant Plastic Trees, and The Wayward Bus from eMusic. I got 69 Love Songs (all three albums) from somewhere else.

    Not sure which of theirs you may have, but here’s my view of the above so you can see if my MF likes are in line with yours…

    1) Holiday and 69LS part 1 are my favorites of the bunch. Call this a tie for first place. Which one I like “best” may depend on my mood. If I was refused a tie, however, I think I’d pick 69LS.

    2) 69LS part 2 is next, though this is close to #3.

    3) 69LS part 3 comes in third. As mentioned above, though, this can be a tight race with #2.

    4) TWB is next, and this is not close. It’s a good album, but easily below the above four in my opinion.

    5) DPT is easily in last place. Again, not close. To me, this album is a bit of a disappointment.

    I never got around to getting “I”, though I may rectify that someday. Do you have any of the above? Where would you rate them? Where would “I” be on the list?

  4. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the list. I’m actually a bit light when it comes to MF. I’ve got a compilation of some choice tracks off of 69 Love Songs, and the aforementioned i. I highly rate i – it’s a compact little album of great songs, both the songs and the album being just long enough not to outstay their welcome. To me, it’s kind of like a compact 69 Love Songs in that there’s a lot of variety on there, but with cohesion as well. It’s largely an acoustic album, with lots of ukelele and piano on it, just like 69LS. This time, it’s Stephin Merritt on all lead vocals. And the lyrics are top flight, natch.

    If you’re trolling emusic for individual tunes, look to ‘It’s Only Time’, ‘I Thought I Was Your Boyfriend’, ‘Infinitely Late At Night’, and ‘In An Operetta’ for a sampling. You could of course skip that stage and buy the whole album.

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