One of my favourite discoveries in the past year was The Draytones, and their song ‘Keep Loving Me’ which demonstrates their love of Nuggets-era 60s garage punk. Check out this clip, and see what I mean.

Also check out the band’s 6-track EP Forever On .

The Draytones Forever On

If you’re like me, you’ll be wondering when a full album will be coming out. I’ll be keeping tabs on this news and share it with all of you. Fear not!

4 thoughts on “The Draytones Perform ‘Keep Loving Me’

  1. How ya doin Rob, Chris from The Draytones here!

    Cheers for the write up mate, our full album ‘Up In My Head’ comes out early April with our single ‘Turn It Down’ coming out 31st March.

    Hopefully you will like it as much as ‘Forever On’!!

    See ya soon mate!


  2. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for your comment, man, I look forward to the full album. The single, which I first heard on a MOJO sampler, was one the best things I’ve heard all year, perhaps all decade.

    I’ll look forward to seeing you live when you come to Vancouver!


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