Bob Dylan

Here’s a clip of Bob Dylan, taken from D.A Pennebaker’s film, Don’t Look Back which is a document of the artist’s 1965 UK tour. This was the infamous tour where he “went electric” with a band in tow (actually the Band, technically). As a result, he was booed and derided every night, because they all wanted to hear him be a folky troubadour, not a rock star.

They were wrong about the music, of course. But, that’s history for you.

Anyway, the clip. It’s a snapshot of an artist on his very last nerve, fried and frazzled at being so far from home, and largely surrounded by people who didn’t really like him including his own fans. But, he had the English language to turn to, always one of Dylan’s true loves. Take a look.

One thought on “Bob Dylan and the English Language

  1. One my learned colleagues on Black Cat Bone has pointed out that “Don’t Look Back” was the tour that came one year before the infamous “electric tour”. The tour mentioned above was when Bob was still performing solo, and bored with it. Why was he bored, you ask? It’s because it was becoming too easy for him to do. And being a restless spirit, he sorely wanted to move on, even if his admirers didn’t. This restlessness is of course evidenced in the albums he’d made during 1965 – Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited – both of which were miles away from his “Blowin’ in the Wind” days.

    The ’66 tour was documented in the film “Eat the Document”, the footage of which was also used in Martin Scorcese’s excellent “No Direction Home” made-for-Public-TV movie. This was the tour which featured the Band (then known as the Hawks).

    No one can call me a know-it-all.

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