Here is a list of links to my seemingly popular ’10 Songs’ series, to which I plan to add more entries in the upcoming days and weeks. Enjoy!

Tell Me A Story: 10 Random Story-Songs You Love and Hate

10 Unexpected Musical Collaborations To Confuse, Delight, and Repulse

10 Songs About Drugs

10 Songs About God

10 Songs About War

10 Cover Songs You Thought Were the Originals

10 Songs of Optimism

10 Break-Up Songs

10 Songs About Cheating

10 Songs About Death

10 Love Songs Without Cheese

10 Songs About Getting Older

10 Songs About Work

10 Songs About Lust

10 Songs About Music

10 Songs About Fame

10 Beatles Songs Which May Be Better Than The Originals

10 Happy SongsThat Aren’t Really Happy

10 Mustache Songs For ‘Movember’

10 Rolling Stones Covers to Surprise and Amaze You

Happy Birthday, John Lennon: 10 Musical Moments

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney: 10 Musical Moments

Happy Birthday George Harrison: 10 Musical Moments

Happy Birthday Keith Richards: 10 Musical Moments

Happy 70th Birthday, Bob Dylan: 10 Cover Versions

Happy Birthday, George Harrison: 10 Cover Versions

Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger: 10 Musical Moments

10 Summer Songs

10 Songs For Autumn

10 Scary Songs For Halloween That Aren’t “Thriller” or “Monster Mash”

10 Surprising, Unlikely Cover Versions That Totally Work Anyway

Who Is The Next Bob Dylan?: 10 Songwriters Once Voted Most Likely

10 Legendary Music Venues That Shaped Modern Rock Music

10 Side Musicians Who Aren’t Famous, But Should Be

10 Songs About The End of the World

10 Cover Songs By The Beatles That Helped Define Them

10 Songs That Define The History of The Apollo Theatre

The Delete Bin: 10 Highlights After 1000 Posts

Joni Mitchell: 10 Musical Moments

10 Cover Versions That Seemed Completely Inevitable (But Not Predictable)

11 thoughts on “’10 Songs’

  1. Hi Rob,

    I am a student and I was searching songs on old age and came across your website. This is indeed a treat for me since the songs that you identified are the songs that I was particularly interested. Also, I was wondering on how you go about in determining songs that are of a particular theme. Kindly let me know how is it that you do it.

    Thank you so much and looking forward to your kind attention.

    Have a pleasant evening.


  2. Hi KareL,

    Thanks a lot for your questions, and I’m glad my site’s been enjoyable for you.

    In terms of a particular theme and what song goes where, some of the ones I’ve chosen I’ve known and loved for years. Others I remember hearing while growing up. Some I recall as being really cheesy. Some I actively hunt for, even if I’ve never heard them or that they are beyond my tastes, if I think they might have something to say.

    I try to choose each song that holds a point of view of what it means to be alive in some way. With the ten songs series, that’s the sort of overarching theme – a short little study of the human condition in song over the decades. As far as ‘how I do it’, mostly I just make it up as I go, which is true of nearly every aspect of my life. 🙂

    Thanks again for comments, and feel free to bookmark, subscribe, and of course to keep reading!

  3. Wow. I came to your blog researching “songs about getting old” … and used some of your “songs about getting older” in my post, Good Old Frank. I propose that September of My Years is the best recording about growing old, not older. I’d love to know your thoughts. This is a great blog … I’m going to take some time exploring.

    1. Thanks for comments, and enjoy your stay here. I sound like a hotelier. Anyway, I’ll check out that Sinatra tune. Generally, I’m not a crooner type of guy (except for loving Chet Baker, Tony Bennett, and Nat King Cole…). Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Just came across your blog, some excellent things here.
    You might be interested in ours. We have a kind of book group for boys and instead of reading we listen to some tracks on a certain theme. Some of our themes are common of course…

    However we have one or two you’ve not done, for example the 10 Worst Springsteen Covers which you can find if you check back through our entries, which appear only occasionally.


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